Has Content Marketing Gone Down In 2019?

content marketing-Has Content Marketing Gone Down In 2019?

Has Content Marketing Gone Down In 2019?

Has content marketing gone down in 2019? You may be asking this question and the short answer is, NO, going down is far from the truth. Contrary to perception that there is a decline in content marketing, the thing that is happening right now is more of a rebirth. It is like the end of the world did not come during winter solstice, but a rebirth of towards another baktun or a Mayan calendar era. In fact, big companies have large plans to strengthen their position in content marketing in the future. Thanks mostly on the trends that happened in 2019.

Content marketing was given a death certificate by some naysayers. Just the same the content marketing haters will have to contend more as has survived extinction. A lot of people may hate the guts of content marketing. Most of the people that have dismissed content marketing in 2019 as a mere fad will have to eat their words in the future. Why? Here are some of the reasons why content marketing has built steam to become a power puncher in the realm of Internet marketing.

Fresh focus to contenting marketing strategies. What should your resolutions be for 2019?


Not got one? Content marketing is crucial to any modern-day business’s success, and to do it properly you need a content marketing strategy that aligns with the company’s goals. The strategy sets out the content, which part of your audience or market you target, where it goes, when it goes and who signs it off.

Worthwhile, engaging content:

Boring blogs and the occasional Facebook post begging people to buy something won’t cut it in our increasingly noisy world. What can you offer through content marketing that is valuable and interesting? Videos that show people how to use one of your products, witty articles that amuse people or a podcast that targets specific needs can help.

Don’t forget the blog:

Blogging has been around for a while, but figures show that this almost old-fashioned strategy still cuts the mustard. Businesses that publish blog content, for example, have 434 percent more search-indexed pages than those without.

Evaluate your strategy:

You want to know you’re getting a good return on investment on your content marketing strategy (and also to work out what works). The easiest way to do this is through Google Analytics. You’ll need to set up goals. Click on the conversions, then goals, then overview and look at source/medium to see what’s happening. If organic traffic is a low proportion of your conversions, you need to take a fresh look at your content. Is it engaging? Do you produce enough of it?

Assess your website:

The best content in the world can’t make up for a website with aesthetic or usability issues. Its technical structure will impact on SEO, which in turn affects the performance of your content marketing materials. It’s worth spending money on a website, whether at the start-up point of your business or down the line if the one you have isn’t top notch.

Today’s doormat is tomorrow’s king
Let’s be honest, a lot of people have looked at content marketing as a virtual goner. However, we have seen in 2019 that there has been a reconvening of content marketing efforts. There would be huge investment in content writers in this field in the future. Just like a snowball gaining momentum; the real show will be shown in the future. Much has left to be desired on content marketing in 2019. This is because of the consolidation of content and the employment of trained writer to launch content marketing 5.0.

Businesses and brands have realized that with the shift of Google to force marketers in creating more quality and lengthier content; they will need story tellers. Not just any other story teller but quality story tellers. People that have been in the business of telling stories as objective as possible will become the rock stars of content marketing.

Rules have changed
The roll out of the new algorithm for Google Penguin has changed the game for marketers. This game changer has seen as the death knell for content marketing. You can’t blame people for thinking as such. After years of doing things that virtually flooded search engine with non-relevant content; the doing has become the undoing. Now Google makes a fight back and marketers have no choice but to play with the new rules.

Content will now have quality. Marketers have no choice but to churn better articles or risk being buried in the search results. When Google said that there is no more mister nice guy, it meant business. Now, content will have to be redefined with the rules set forth by Google.

Healthy mix
As 2019 is seen as a metamorphosis in content marketing, the future holds a more vibrant scenario. A scenario where there is a healthy mix of the various aspects of content generation. The disciplines will converge and help one another to redefine content marketing and have it marry “traditional” concepts with less focus on optimization unless they have yet to get the point of Google.

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